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Is it possible to create a seamless travel experience that covers the first to the last mile?

The sharing-economy's poster-child is the transfer and taxi sector. Uber has transformed booking a taxi...


Greetings from Champa – My first 30 days

Please allow me to introduce myself as the Managing Director for Amadeus UK & Ireland taking over...


Amadeus UK appoints Champa Magesh to Managing Director for Amadeus UK & Ireland

Amadeus are delighted to announce that it has hired Champa Magesh as Managing Director for UK and Ireland,...


A better way to keep you informed about Amadeus and the industry

As our portfolio of Products and Solutions grow, so does the need to communicate the many new features...


Complete door-to-door travel experience just around the corner as we team up with Cabforce

Posted By Rob Sinclair-Barnes, Marketing Director of Amadeus UK and Ireland It’s a little past 1AM and your...


We have our first Avis competition winner!

You may remember a recent announcement from Avis and Amadeus about the launch of a new car hire microsite...